Spot TV

Watch class from anywhere!

Click here for information on how to access Spot TV for secure streaming video access to your child’s class from anywhere you can use a smart phone!

Spot TV instructions

Step 1: Visit our website and sign up for one of our awesome summer classes or camps!

Step 2: Log into the Parent Portal using your username and password

Step 3: Select Spot TV

Step 4: Select “Create My Account” if this is your first time accessing the Spot TV Portal

Step 5: Select your type of account (“Parent”)

Step 6: Complete all fields in the Mini Registration Form (see below) and then select “NEXT”.

Step 6: Click “Finish”. Make sure you write down your User ID and Password. You will need to use it to logon to the App to view your child’s class

Step 7: Once you complete your registration, Tri-Star will receive a validation request before your account can become live. After cross-referencing your name, your child’s name, and class registration, we will grant approval for you to watch your child’s specific class(es). This process takes up to 48 hours and you will receive an email notification of completion. This ensures that only registered Tri-Star Families will be able to watch classes and only for their own specific children.

Step 8: Download the free Spot TV App on your smart phone (available on the Android and Apple App Stores). Once approved you will be able to view from your mobile device anywhere using your created User ID and Password.