Frequently Asked Questions

What class is appropriate for my child?

Tri-Star classes are divided primarily by age group and/or grade level, with lesson plans incorporating age-appropriate flexibility and conditioning exercises for all students. Some intermediate or advanced level classes require certain skills to be acquired first and require an instructor’s recommendation to register.

How can I find out about Tri-Star policies and rules?

Most of the Tri-Star policies and general rules are outlined in the gym Rules page or the online Policy page. Our policies do change from time to time, and most changes are announced as they take effect in the Current News page or through reminders sent home with students as they leave class. Parents are strongly encouraged to acquaint themselves with Tri-Star policies and rules when they sign up for class each session.

How do I enroll my child in gymnastics classes?

The best way to enroll in Tri-Star’s class is to register through our Parents Portal. Once you have submitted all of your information, you can select a class class that is most appropriate to your child’s age and skill level. Due to COVID, our office hours are currently limited and we are strongly discouraging in-person registration. If you need help registering online or if you have difficulty accessing the Parent Portal, our office staff will be happy to assist you. Although our office staff is working remotely, they are easily reachable by email at tristarforestpark@gmail.com. Emails will be responded to within 48hrs.

See our Class Schedule for a complete list of all recreational classes or our class listings for Pre-School and Grade School students. Be sure to allow 1 to 3 business days for registration; Tri-Star does not allow same-day registrations.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Parents should register online for gymnastics classes and setup a secure login with our Parents Portal, which allows customers to submit payments from credit card or bank draft.

How does tuition billing work?

Because in-person office staffing will be minimal, families are expected to enroll in the AutoPay system through the parent portal. For the past 30 years, Tri-Star has organized class registration into 3-month-long sessions. Because of the ongoing uncertainty with COVID, we will be transitioning to monthly tuition in order to better accommodate any possible closures or changes that may be necessary this year. Tuition will be billed and charged on the 25th of each month for the upcoming month

  • The monthly tuition is averaged over the school year (September to May) and is the same each month regardless of Holidays or months with 5 classes. EXCEPTION: December tuition will be reduced by 30% to account for the winter holiday.
  • Tuition rates: 45 min class: $60/month; 60min class: $80/month; 90min class: $120/month
  • If you plan to drop the class for the upcoming month, you must notify the office in writing by the 20th of the month (via email at tristarforestpark@gmail.com).
  • Declined cards will receive a $15 penalty fee. Students who have not paid will not be allowed to attend class until payment is received.

How can I find out how my child is doing in class?

Once per quarter (every 3 months), Tri-Star instructors fill out progress reports, detailing which class skills each student has mastered and which skills they are still working towards. The progress reports are not “grades” as such, but a means to track overall student achievement in the context of each class’ lesson plan. Otherwise, at any time during class session, parents are welcome and encouraged to reach out to their child’s coach by emailing the office at tristarforestpark@gmail.com for an update.

Additionally, while we cannot accommodate many spectators due to the COVID pandemic (each student is limited to 1 healthy adult caregiver), you can observe your child’s class each week using our secure video streaming program, Spot TV. With this technology, you can observe your child’s class from your home, car, or anywhere with access to cellular/WiFi service on your smartphone or laptop.

When can my child move up to the next level?

The class curriculum grows with our students! Tri-Star instructors are very diligent about rewarding hard work with new challenges and opportunities to grow as an athlete, within the context of their existing class. Lesson plans are designed to challenge our students throughout the course of the year so that each child continues to learn and thrive without having to change classes mid-year. In some rare circumstances, instructors will recommend students transition to an invitation-only class or a different class that better fits a students particular interests and abilities.

Who do I talk to about scheduling a “make-up” class?

Due to the COVID pandemic and public health recommendations to minimize exposures, we will not be able to offer makeup classes at this time and we do not pro-rate or refund for missed classes (EXCEPTION: If Tri-Star closes due to public health concerns, a class credit will be applied and additional months will not be billed). Outstanding credits from the 2020 Spring session can be applied to School Year Classes (contact the office via email at tristarforestpark@gmail.com)

Is Gymnastics a dangerous sport?

Any athletic activity that involves height and rotation has potential for danger. Tri-Star’s instructors are trained to minimize the risk to students through proper instruction, careful class planning and hands-on safety spotting. Classes are designed to challenge students while also preserving an environment of safety and quick recovery from failure.

Where can I purchase gymnastics athletic equipment?

Gymnastics leotards and T-shirts are available at Tri-Star for purchase. We also carry grips and gymnastics shoes for both beginner and advanced gymnasts should they become needed. Other equipment not carried at Tri-Star will be available in local sporting goods stores or online. If you are shopping online, consider using Amazon Smile. Because Tri-Star is a non-profit organization, Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of the purchase price directly back to Tri-Star!

What is the difference between Men’s and Women’s gymnastics?

Men’s and women’s gymnastics differ both in the types of events competed and in judging/scoring guidelines. While Floor Exercise and Vault are common to both men’s and women’s programs, the balance beams and uneven bars are used exclusively by women’s gymnastics while the parallel bars, pommel horse, still rings and high bar are used exclusively by the men’s program. The fundamental difference between the two tracks is reflected in our recreational program, where all-boys classes (beginning at the Boys Super Stars level) will begin to focus more on men’s events as opposed to general gymnastics fundamentals.”