1. Stay Safe

This is our first and most important rule, and all of our other rules are based on it. Gymnastics is more than just a sport. It’s an art form that combines physical discipline with complete freedom of motion, it’s a relief from the day-to-day monotony of homework and chores, and it’s a form of self expression and self-discovery for children of all ages.


Of course, Gymnastics is not without its dangers, and injuries and accidents are not fun. In order to keep everyone safe, we encourage parents and students to follow Tri-Star’s Gym Rules and policies at all times. You can have the most fun by paying attention to coach’s instructions.


2. Dress Appropriately

For Girls: Leotard or one-piece swimsuit (shorts/shirt can be worn on top of it), no skirts or tights. Hair should be tied back so does not hang down around the eyes. No necklaces, bracelets or dangling earrings (studs are okay).


For Boys: T-shirt or tank top long enough to be tucked in to waistband of gym shorts or sweat pants. No cargo shorts or jeans. For all-boys classes, long sweat pants or warmup pants are strongly preferred.


All students must wear a facemask during their time in the gym, regardless of vaccination status. Students start class with clean bare feet; no socks or foot coverings (exceptions for students with medical requirements). Students in trampoline or tumbling classes may wear gymnastics shoes or wrestling shoes.


3. Be Ready for Class

Students need to be on time and properly dressed for class it its appropriate start time. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Students who are more than five minutes late for their class will not be allowed to participate in class and will be marked absent. We are not offering makeup classes at this time.


Parents and students, make sure you know the name of your class and its start time when you arrive at the gym. Because all students must complete a COVID health screening prior to starting class, we ask you to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time. Once your child is screened, their coach will lead them to the warmup area at the start of class. Try to get to know the names of your coaches; They are certainly looking forward to getting to know you! For more information on our entry and screening procedures, check out our COVID Info Page.


4. Respect the Coaches

Students must follow their coach’s instructions at all times and be attentive to their class’ planned activities. Students may not use mats or equipment without supervision from their instructors; parents and caregivers are not allowed on the equipment at any time.


Siblings and other visitors will not be allowed in the gym at this time.


5. Respect One Another

Pushing, shoving or name-calling will not be tolerated. Children will be dropped from a class if their behavior interferes with safety or is chronically disruptive. Flash photography is not permitted during class times.


With our commitment to Safe Sport Policies, photography of any kind is not permitted by any Tri-Star parent, caregiver, or guest without express permission from a Tri-Star staff member.


6. Respect Yourselves

Parents and students both deserve to know what’s going on in the gym and how they are progressing as gymnasts. Our instructors and staff are available to answer any questions before and after class, and parents are welcome to contact our office any time.


Also, respect your stuff. Items get left behind all the time, and as much as we love your accidental donations of action figures, beanie babies, pokemons and left shoes, we’re sure they’d be better off staying with their owners than in our Lost and Found bin. Because we are overall trying to minimize the use of the cubbies during COVID, please leave all non-gymnastics possessions at home!