our gym

Our 14,000 square foot climate controlled facility is designed to accommodate children of all ages, from toddlers to college students and everything in between. Our equipment is intended to support the training of all four women’s events and all six men’s events, in addition to strength and flexibility training, dance, and trampoline.

The Floor

Most classes begin with a Tri-Star Warm-up on our 48′ x 60′ floor exercise area. Warm-ups are designed to raise heart rate and include basic strength and flexibility exercises essential to gymnastics skills. Tumbling, running, twisting and jumping techniques are all practiced in the Floor-Exercise area.


Tri-Star’s six high beams and five low beams accommodate students of all ages and skill levels. From basic balancing exercises to high level tumbling techniques, the balance beam is one of the competitive events for girls.

Uneven Bars

For a skilled gymnast, uneven bars can be one of the most exciting events in the sport. Students of all levels learn basic bar skills such as swinging and gripping. They are also a common element in strength and flexibility conditioning drills. Our recreational classes train basic skills on the uneven bars, and girl’s team and Pre-Team level begin learning compulsory bar routines for competition.

Mini-Star Area

This is our generalized training area in the North Gym for our preschool students. Students practice on an event “circuit” with four to six different drills for basic tumbling, strength, and balance training. Basic skills including cartwheels, handstands, forward and backward rolls are practiced, along with bar basics like front support and glide swing. The mini-star area can be modified based on the needs of the class, but typically includes: three training bars, a wedge mat for tumbling assistance, the aluminum parallel bars, and one to three panel mats used for cartwheel practice.


This event incorporates the spring board and vaulting table. Beginner students practice running, jumping, proper landing techniques and body control drills to protect themselves in a fall. More advanced gymnasts learn acrobatic tumbling skills, including competitive vault skills and progressions to advanced vaults.

The North Gym

In 2012, Tri-Star expanded into our adjacent facility, the North Gym, in order to provide a more dedicated space for our recreational students. The North Gym includes a second 40×40 floor, quad bars and an uneven bar, a dance room, multiple high and low balance beams, and a Tumbl Trak. While this area cannot be viewed from the bleacher spectator seating, it is easily viewed using one of 3 Spot TV cameras dedicated to that room.

Trampoline & Foam Pit

The trampoline and the above ground loose foam pit are training tools that allow students to safely learn jumping, twisting, flipping, swinging and ultimately air sense for more advanced skills. It is also TONS of FUN! Our trampoline area includes a standard trampoline, Tumbl Trak, and a “hot bed” trampoline. The loose foam pit has entry areas for tumbling, vaulting, trampoline, and bars.

Boys’ Area

Our Boys’ Program includes equipment for all 6 Men’s Gymnastics events including still rings, pommel horse, high bar, and parallel bars. The vault and floor equipment is shared with the Girls’ Program.