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Held the 3rd Saturday in May since 1987!

This is a great opportunity for our talented students to showcase their many accomplishments for their friends and families. Each gym show participant receives a costume (leotard for girls, t-shirt and shorts for boys) as part of their participation fee, which will be handed out just prior to the gym show. Students will practice their routines during the floor time in class and may be asked to come to an additional class or extra practice, especially if his or her class is performing with another class. Watch your email for further information about extra practices.


We hope that the entire Tri-Star family will come and watch our kids SHINE.


The Mini-Star Matinee (Tiny Tots, Young Mini-Stars, Mini-Stars, and Super Mini-Stars) will begin promptly at 1:00pm. The Main Event (Beginner/Advanced Beginner, Young Mini-Stars, Mini-Stars, Boys Super Stars, and all teams) will begin promptly at 5:00pm. Participants must arrive 30min before start time for staging. The advanced competitive team will make a special appearance at both shows! In addition to the show, there will be concessions, leotard sales, raffles & prizes, and games for friends and siblings.