Tri-Star Closed Starting Monday 3/16

It is with great sadness that we announce that, following the examples of our local schools, libraries, parks and other institutions, Tri-Star Gymnastics will be closed beginning Monday, March 16th Through Sunday, March 29th. After that time, we will re-examine the situation and keep you apprised.


For now, classes missed either due to Tri-Star closure or for student/family illness will be eligible for make-up sessions during a period extended through at least the end of the summer session. Obviously, additional accommodations may need to be made if we are forced to remain closed for an extended period of time. We assure you that we will remain in close communication as new information is made available and the situation evolves.


A decision will not be made about the fate of our annual Gym Show until April, but we assure you that all decisions will be made with our students’ and our staff’s safety as the utmost priority.


During this time off we will have professional deep cleaning and extreme sanitizing of our entire facility and ask that once we re-open any student with a fever, sniffle, sneeze, cough be kept at home.


Tri-Star is a family run community non-profit organization and this closure will hit us hard, but we are committed to serving the greater good of our local community. We remain extremely grateful for your business and for your commitment to us throughout the years. We appreciate your patience and look forward to reuniting with you all soon. Let’s protect each other and ourselves.  Be safe.  Be well.



Tri-Star Management and Staff

Live long and prosper!